Welcome to Nightwing Studio

The name “Nightwing” is the title of a painting of a raven, the first piece of mine to be accepted into a national juried exhibition, years ago. Naturally, the name remains close to my heart.

Energy and mystery are the most important components of my work. I am concerned with conveying a sense of movement beneath the surface…an obvious or latent energy. There is an ambiguous element as well, in most of my paintings, conveying the feeling that something interesting has either just happened, or is about to happen in a particular (but abstracted) scenario.

This past year I have become distressed by the limitless amount of greed and cruelty that mankind is willing to exhibit in his behavior. Watching and reading about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has led me to create two series of large, mixed media with collage paintings. “The Wings of War” and “Everyone is Sleeping”in Recent Works.

“ The more frightening the world becomes, the more art becomes abstract”.


 “That is beautiful which is produced by internal necessity, which springs from the soul”.

– Wassily Kandinsky

I am Crow

I Am Crow
pastel, 23 x 19 inches